Your Solution for Green Roofing…

Bituminous waterproofing the solution for green roofing Fully bonded waterproofing systems have proven to be the most durable solution for green, parking and terrace roofs. Bitumen membranes, with their high puncture resistance and root resistant qualities are ideal materials for this application. BWA supports all initiatives to stimulate green roofing as a protective plant cover […]

A flexible, economic and durable solution

Bitumen waterproofing –the flexible, economic and durable solution The cost of maintaining and renewing bituminous waterproofing systems is low due to their typically long service life (estimated at 25-30 years). When implemented as two layers, bituminous waterproofing makes on-site working more efficient with the first layer providing temporary protection whilst other trades carry out their […]


Sustainable and environmental issues are, quite rightly, matters of great importance to us all in construction. A full understanding of ideas once rarely mentioned – like ‘global warming’, ‘waste recycling’ and ‘life-cycle analysis’ – is now core to maintaining our reputation as a responsible industry. Bitumen Waterproofing membrane industry, BWA represents manufacturers who are committed […]

Renovation project on Lilyfield Road – Sydney – Australia

When Soprema was called in to renovate a leaking concrete roof in Sydney, it took on the challenge to reinstate the roof waterproofing and deliver a headache free roof system for the future. The building in question had been plagued with leakages for many years. Several other rectification methods were tried without success. The renovation […]

Acoustic Comfort

Acoustic longevity is vital to the users of a building. Due to the mass and elasto-plastic properties of bituminous waterproofing systems they dampen the impact noise of rain and hail and help make buildings a pleasant environment in which to work and live. Bitumen waterproofing systems under heavy protection of gravel, screed, roof gardens, or […]

Preserve the value of your property

We believe that the roof of a building deserves at least as much attention as the four walls do. Roofs can be an interesting architectural feature, but they also matter economically and environmentally. A roof that lasts as long as ours do, will help you save a lot of money and will preserve the value […]

Service and maintenance management

A simple preventative and diagnostic maintenance inspection once a year is all that is necessary to ensure the bitumen waterproofing system gives long and faultless service. In renovation, it is often a simple matter of adding to the existing waterproofing, with no need to dismantle the old. This can be done twice during the building’s […]

DuO Firecare Landscape

DuO FC Landscape has the same unique design as the Duo Firecare. On top of that it also resists root penetration. This protects the membrane against roots from sedums, grasses, mosses and other vegetation suitable for green roofs. Duo FC Landscape is especially designed to provide waterproof protection under green roofs and roof gardens as […]

Soprema guarantee – Australia

Soprema guarantee – Australia FULLY INSURED GUARANTEE With almost one century on the clock, Soprema takes pride in being the specialist in bituminous roofing membranes. All our waterproofing systems are of the highest quality standard on the worldwide market and covered by a strong and fully insured DeBoer Guarantee. All approved applicators, architects or building […]

Green Roof Maintenance

Several factors influence the quality and the lifespan of a green roof. For instance, if certain components are wrongly selected, dominating plants may start overgrowing the green roof. Climate conditions can be important, too. Sedum requires at least three hours of sunlight during the Summer. When periods of drought last for more than 5-6 weeks, […]