The Path to Sustainability Goes Through Green Roofing

As the world embraces the urgent need for sustainable practices, green roofing has emerged as a game-changer in the construction industry. Green roofs not only provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to urban landscapes but also offer a myriad of environmental benefits. In this blog, we will explore how green roofing is paving the path to […]

Keep Your Building Cooler in Summer with Green Roofs in Sydney

As the world becomes more conscious of climate change and its effects, the demand for eco-friendly solutions has increased. One such solution is the installation of green roofs, which offer a range of benefits to building owners and the environment. In this article, we’ll explore how green roofs can keep your building cooler in the […]

About Us

Soprema was first introduced into Australia in 2006, and since then Soprema Membranes have been used in some landmark buildings throughout Australia like the MCA here in Sydney, Anzac Square in Brisbane and one of our Green roof projects at Burnley Campus in Melbourne. Enduroflex in conjunction with Soprema offer project specific end to end […]

Soprema DuOtherm Built -Up Roof

Advantages of DuOtherm Built-Up Roof: – Energy Cost Saving – Return on investment – Green Star rating benefit – High Quality waterproofing – High Thermal resistance – Proven Durability in ASEAN – Expected lifetime of 25 to 35 years (SGS report) – Insurance backed warranty of 20 years DuO High Tech Waterproofing Membrane: – UV […]

Recent Works

Project: Roof Top – 766.92m2 Problems: The current waterproofing had aged and was affected by weathering. The existing membrane was breaking down in some locations. Membrane was damaged allowing water to penetrate. Insufficient falls causing water to pond on the roof. Leakages were reported. Conclusion: Total renovation of the waterproofing on the roof was required. […]

Roof Top Membrane – Laying DuO Membrane

On site laying the DuO High Tech AGR Membrane Tags: Built Up Roof 20 year warranty Built-Up Roof complete assurance green roof proven durability Tapered insulation waterproofing membrane waterproofing system

Soprema Roof Renovation Solution

Advantages DuO Mecano No need to remove existing topping No need to remove existing waterproofing Allows trapped vapour to move = no bubbles Wind load resistant High quality waterproofing Proven durability in the climate of Oceania Expected lifetime of 25 to 35 years (SGS report) Insurance backed warranty of 20 years DuO High Tech Waterproofing […]

Timelapse of Works -2018

Recent Roof Top works: Instullation – Tapered Thermal Insulation: Recticel Eurothane Silver¬† Waterproofing: -De Boer Debotack 2.5 T/F C175 Aero -De Boer Duo HT 4 GW/F C180 Firecare. -De Boer Duo Primer If you have a current job you would like to discuss with us, don’t hesitate to contact us on or you can […]

Product families

Learn about the different products we have available: DuO At first sight, DuO looks like any ordinary roofing roll. But DuO is more than that. DuO is a concept: the most high-performance roof membrane that modern technology can produce. And it’s all based around – you guessed it – bitumen. At the same time, DuO […]

Roof Top with a View

Recent works completed on a Roof Top in Mermaid Beach, Queensland. Type: Private Residence System: Double layer waterproofing on plywood Project Size: 300m2 Installation: Partially bonded base sheet with fully torched cap sheet. Materials: DeboTack 2.5 T/F C175 Aero and DuO HT 4 GW/F C180 Firecare Completed: 2018