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FULLY INSURED GUARANTEE With almost one century on the clock, Soprema takes pride in being the specialist in bituminous roofing membranes. All our waterproofing systems are of the highest quality standard on the worldwide market and covered by a strong and fully insured DeBoer Guarantee. All approved applicators, architects or building owners, that have chosen for a Soprema waterproofing system, can rest assured about their decision as the system is fully covered for decennia long!

Proven Durability

Real-life membrane samples are consecutively tested by the external laboratory Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) and supervised by independent quality-control organization SGS International in different continents and climate zones. The life expectancy of our waterproofing membranes is currently 25 to 35 years based on the actual condition of exposed Soprema membranes worldwide.

Complete Assurance

The Soprema Guarantee is fully insured and the insurance premium is fully paid upon delivery of the warranty certificate for the total warranty period. The insurance-backed warranty remains in place regardless of a change in the status of the roofing applicator, manufacturer or building owner.

Local Expertise

Soprema’s waterproofing membranes have been installed in Australia and New Zealand for more than 15 years. The product is developed and adapted to withstand the local climate conditions and is fully aligned with local application procedures, standards and regulations.

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