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Enduroflex Waterproofing Systems 


Need a deck, terrace, podium or balcony waterproofed? Enduroflex can help you. We’re a proudly Australian business that’s partnered one of Belgium’s leading waterproofing solutions manufacturers, De Boer, to provide the commercial and residential buildings of New South Wales with access to the best waterproofing solution systems available on the market. Using innovative and progressive technology, our team of professional builders, waterproofing specialists and engineers will ensure that your surface of choice is never vulnerable to water again.


Our Waterproofing Solutions


Enduroflex and De Boer have over 60 years of experience in providing clients with high-performance waterproofing systems. We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of waterproofing systems in all of Australia, which is high-quality and backed by independent test certificates. This gives us an edge over our competition and gives you a quality guarantee. We also provide clients with international insurance-backed warranties that support our products. Each waterproofing system comes with a 20-year lifespan in New Zealand’s climate if it’s been installed in line with the product specifications and by a certified, professional applicator.


Our Roofing Services


While we primarily waterproof roofs, balconies and decks, we also offer other services that can not only save you money but also preserve the value of your building – from the roof down. We deliver tailor-made solutions for roofs, including warm roofing, warm and green walling and roofing and UV protection for roofs, decks, terraces and more. This way your building can be enhanced aesthetically while still being environmentally and economically progressive.


Our Green Roofing Solutions


Enduroflex offers a green roofing Australia and walling solution that involves planting flora along the walls and roof on the outside of your building. This innovative green solution allows you to choose between grass, a succulent garden, wallcreepers or anything else you can think of. Our green roofs insulate your building better, save energy, retain rainwater and reduce CO2 emissions. Therefore they’re economical, environmentally and aesthetically great for your building.


Choose Enduroflex Today


At Enduroflex, we provide waterproofing solutions for contractors, engineers, architects and designers. If you’re looking for one of our solutions, contact us today.


Real-life membrane samples are consecutively tested by the external laboratory Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) an supervised by independent quality-control organisation SGS International in different continents and climate zones.

The life expectancy of our waterproofing membranes is currently 25 to 35 years based on the actual condition of exposed De Boer membranes worldwide.



The De Boer Guarantee is fully insured and the insurance premium is fully paid upon delivery of the warranty certificate for the total warranty period.

The insurance-backed warranty remains in place regardless of a change in the status of the roofing applicator, manufacturer or building owner.



De Boer’s waterproofing membranes have been installed in Australia and New Zealand for more than 15 years.

The product is developed and adapted to withstand the local climate conditions and is fully aligned with local application procedures, standards and regulations.


The innovative DuO Hi-Tech membrane was created in 1989. 

This system as well as millions of square meters of traditional 

torch-on membranes have been installed on High-Light references world wide.