a leading niche producer of unique high-tech products

Enduroflex supplies the DuO Waterproofing Membranes to the Sydney market. DuO is a designed and manufactured bituminous commercial waterproofing membrane of a premium quality.

Through continuous investment in research and development, combined with an open mind to new innovative technologies, we have become a leading niche producer of unique high-tech products.

Thanks to our special production techniques which can combine the advantages of various coatings, we can produce more than 150 different waterproofing membranes that are tailored to each country’s specific climate conditions.

Our factory is CE certified and produces following the ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management systems.

Proven sustainability

If we promise that a DuO roofs will last for decades, then we aim to make that promise come true. That is why DuO roofs are tested by independent bodies (WTCB in collaboration with SGS and specialized labs) for its sustainability. The first DuO sustainability report dates from 2000, 10 years after the first DuO roofs made their appearance. A second sustainability report followed in 2005, which again yielded good results. At the third sustainability report in 2010, it was concluded that DuO, with proper maintenance, has a lifespan of at least 35 years.

In the course of 2015, a fourth sustainability study will be conducted worldwide.

A remarkable fact is that the results of the first three sustainability studies in all continents and climatic conditions reach the same high level.

Product Overview

Bituminous roofing material

Roofing rolls form the basis of our wide range. Thickness, type of reinforcement, top coating, bottom coating, top and bottom finish, we adjust all these parameters. We compile the most suitable role for each application.


At first glance, DuO looks like a normal roof role. But DuO is more. DuO is a concept: the most efficient roof membrane that modern technology can make. Based on – how about – bitumen. DuO immediately became one of the most daring concepts ever. Because never had anyone succeeded in combining hard APP (now evolved to TPO) and soft SBS. Today’s success translates into millions of m² that waterproof the most prestigious projects worldwide.

DuO Plus

In addition to our roofing rolls, we also offer a range of accessories with our DuO Plus range such as:

  • Primers & adhesives
  • Confirmation material
  • Ventilations & expiration
  • Eaves
  • Tools

In short, everything needed to realize the perfect roof.

About Bitumen: A fixed value

In 1922 when working with bitumen, it was a petroleum derivative that forms the basis for 75 percent of roofing for flat roofs. Over the years, the product has become increasingly better, lighter and more environmentally friendly. New developments, including in polymers, have led to a proven service life of at least 35 years.  

Mastering all stages of the production process, from the choice of raw materials to the unique composition for the mixing process, to quality control in their lab and the punctual final delivery on site. The strict control of each link leads to a high constant quality.

Bitumen offers great strengths including its high adhesive strength and elasticity, its chemical resistance to external influences and its thermal stability in extreme weather conditions, ranging from temperatures of – 40 ° C to + 150 ° C. The roofs are also resistant to hail and storm and can be walked on in rain or frost, which is a major advantage over certain plastic roofs.  

Bitumen is also an ecological product in many areas. It is achieved through environmentally-friendly production, the bituminous roofs are ideal for water recovery and, provided they have a white reflective top layer, they prevent global warming. Moreover, the material is also easily recyclable.

The manufacturing of DuO also aims on recycling. The production waste is collected and ground in the shredder, after which all impurities are filtered out. The purified mass is heated and supplemented with additives until the desired composition is achieved. This then forms the basis of certain new bituminous substrates. This completes the circle.

Architecturally, the sky is the limit for bituminous roofs. All creative shapes, colors and applications are possible, from parabolic roofs to green roofs and parking roofs to tunnels, terraces and balconies.

accessories offered

The DuO C-profile is a termination profile on concrete walls for DuO waterproofing membranes. It is used to create a watertight, mechanical seal there where the membrane is terminated.


COLTACK EVOLUTION 750 is a single-component, solvent free, moisture curing polyurethane-based adhesive foam to be used with an application gun.

COLTACK EVOLUTION 750 is used on flat roofs to bond ridged insulation panels with an appropriate finishing (no thermofusible film) to
the substrate. It is also suitable for the mutual bonding of panels.

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Self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomer modified bitumen covered with an aluminium complex. Used as a vapour control layer on steel deck for buildings with high moisture production. The upper surface is finished with an aluminium complex. The lower surface is protected by a silicone release film.

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The Classic Plus roof edge profile is a pre-manufactured profile that terminates the waterproofing membrane at the highest edge of the roof in a professional, watertight and wind-uplift resistant manner. The profile is used on top of roof edge curbs of wooden and concrete flat roofs.

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Enduroflex concrete screws, round and oval plates  
– Metal pressure plates and concrete screw combinations for fastening of thermal insulation or waterproofing base sheet.

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Enduroflex EDC20 provides a perfect Solution for sub-soil drainage application for creating successful Roof Garden, without any traditional problems associated with cracking or leakage. The 20mm EDC20 provides a uniform surface as well as an internal void space for effective draining of excess water.

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Enduroflex EDC30 provides a perfect Solution for sub-soil drainage application for creating successful Roof Garden, without any traditional problems associated with cracking or leakage. The 30mm EDC20 provides a uniform surface as well as an internal void space for effective draining of excess water.

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Enduroflex Prefabricated Sheet Drainage Composite (EPD 10) is Made from Prime HDPE material using the techniques of precise thermoforming core technology EPD10 is a dimpled plastic sheet that provides effective protection for Waterproofing Membrane, and drainage for foundation walls and other underground structures. The integrated non-woven geotextile covering the dimples prevents soil particles blocking the drainage sheet, Dimples creates an air gap for reliable ventilation and allows inflow, with its dimple structure effectively captures and transports high water volumes and resists high loads from earth and form work above.

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Enduroflex EGT150 are 100% Polypropylene Staple Fiber Needle-punched non-woven Geotextiles. They are characterized by a high resistance to installation damage, high water permeability and UV resistance with inhibitor.

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The rainwater outlets DRAINI BTM are composed of a flexible flange made out of elastomer bitumen reinforced with a non woven polyester and an aluminium outlet pipe. The two components are assembled by a patented seam method. The DRAINI BTM is used as a rainwater outlet on roofs with bituminous waterproofing membranes. The flange is compatible with bituminous membranes (polymer, plastomer and elastomer) in the Soprema range.

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The Enduroflex-Soprema DuO Solar system is a solar waterproofing solution for flat roofs. It is used as a support for photovoltaic panels, allowing the connection between the panels and the cap sheet membrane without drilling into it and compromising the waterproofing properties of the roof.

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The Enduroflex Pavers PEDESTAL is designed to support toppings, especially those of plaza decks used by pedestrians. The PAVER PEDESTAL allows continuous and effortless adjustment and leveling of slabs. This work is done without having to adjust the slab or the pedestal base or head, thanks to the adjusting screw controlled by a special wrench supplied in each box.

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Rubber Tiles offer a number of excellent features, one of these being that our roof tiles are porous so that water can drain through them and be channeled away along the studded underside. Besides being used on roof-terraces, our tiles are frequently used as balcony flooring. They are also used as walkways on roofs. The walkways provide protection for the roofing and allow access to installations when repairs need to be carried out. On roofs around the home (on bays, garages, sheds and extensions) the tiles are laid so it is possible to use ladders etc. without damaging the roofing.

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Grass Tiles are rubber tiles to which a top layer of artificial grass has been applied. The artificial grass is pressed onto the rubber in such a way that the tile remains porous. The advantage of artificial grass tiles is that compared to standard rubber tiles, they have a softer and more luxurious top layer.

The drainage structure featured on the artificial grass tiles ensures that water is channeled away quickly leaving the artificial grass to dry out in a short time. Without drainage, artificial grass can stay wet for a long time. The grass tiles are available with dowel joints. On two edges of each tile there are four holes. Four plastic pins are inserted into these holes allowing the tiles to be joined together.

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DuO High Tech

The DuO waterproofing system is a two-layer membrane designed for use as an exposed architectural waterproof materials on flat roofs, podium decks, balconies, and terraces. It offers a superior and durable commercial waterproofing Sydney system that is both UV resistant and flexible.

The system has been BRANZ appraised and meets the relevant provisions of the BCA (Download Branz certificate here).  

Why use DuO?

  • Superior quality with over 25 years of proven performance worldwide including Sydney, Australia.

  • Millions of m2 installed worldwide including in high UV-regions in Australia and New Zealand.

  • A high-tech membrane with slate chip surface offering strong UV resistance and a tidy, aesthetic finish.

  • Excellent durability and easy maintenance, with a life expectancy of 25 to 35 years when exposed to the Australian climate.

  • DuO can only be installed by Enduroflex and Certified Applicators.

Types of DuO membranes

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