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Welcome to Enduroflex

Enduroflex is a privately owned and operated company specialising in supplying a full range of quality waterproofing and insulation systems, products, and services for the construction, infrastructure, and mining industries.

​Enduroflex brings together over 60 years of combined experience, developing remarkably innovative solutions. Our company’s goal is to set a new standard of performance, analysis, and overall user experience. Successfully delivering high-value projects for clients in both the private and public sectors, from residential housing, commercial and industrial projects to mining and agricultural industries.
The Enduroflex team has an exceptional understanding of waterproofing system and is comprised of professional builders, engineers and waterproofing specialists. They have a proven track record in providing architectural and building solutions. With our technically superior knowledge in waterproofing and insulation systems and backed by international manufacturers, Enduroflex delivers tailored constructive solutions for all types of construction projects, combining high quality products, expert technical knowledge and support, customer service and innovation. Solutions from Enduroflex are unmatched in quality and their main objective is to offer the long-lasting, durable solutions.

We are committed to providing quality products & customer service through our highly experienced team.

  • Delivering quality products at competitive and cost-effective pricing.
  • Customer focused, Quality service and Expert advice
  • Performance and Satisfaction, delivering outstanding performance and customer satisfaction on every project.
  • Adaptable operations to meet each projects unique needs and expectations.
  • Fostering a safe and dynamic work environment that encourages new ideas, innovation and growth.
  • Developing long lasting professional relationships based on Quality, Performance, service and mutual trust and respect.
We have a dynamic and motivated team that are committed to ensuring you have the best solution for your project. Our focus is always on you, our client and your individual requirements and expectations for every step of the process, we understand the benefits of becoming your partner to better understand your business and project needs. Our goal is to provide superior products and service to all our customers and to become a valuable member of your team. We are constantly working on process improvement and providing you with the latest cutting-edge solutions.
  • Act with integrity: we are reliable, trustworthy & honest
  • Solutions focused: we empower people to make difficult decisions, challenge the status quo and lead change.
  • Innovation: we encourage innovation in our people, products and systems
  • Do the right thing: we take ownership for the part that we and others play in delivering business objectives and compliance with laws, regulations and policies
  • We are a team: helpful and friendly, whilst providing encouragement, collaboration and reassurance.

Enduroflex is a locally owned and operated business.

  • We support the development of the communities in which we work by dealing with local, regional and national businesses, and employing locally as well.
  • We support community projects such as the Kidney Kar Rally to support kids and young people affected by kidney disease.
  • We’re passionate about sustainability and responsibility.
    We aim to adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles by ensuring environmental, social and economic parameters are considered in an integrated way in the operation of our business and your projects.
Since our inception in 2009, we have a comprehensive performance history and proven experience servicing a range of sectors. We have a proud success story of bringing quality products and services to the Australian market.
Our entire range of products and services meet Australian Standards requirements.

About Us

Meeting the new thermal performance building standards, climate challenges and a sustainable future

Enduroflex is your partner in meeting these new standards. Enduroflex use progressive technologies and innovative systems that provide durable, sustainable insulation and waterproofing systems to meet today’s toughest challenges. With its superior technical knowledge and backed by international manufacturers, Enduroflex delivers tailored solutions for all types of construction projects.
The Enduroflex team have 25+ years in the construction business and a proven track record in providing architectural and building solutions. These include Green Roofs, that have both economically and ecologically advantages plus insulation schemes that create an energy efficient roof.

Our Expertise

Designed to withstand the climate conditions

Enduroflex is based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has been servicing the Sydney area with DuO waterproofing membranes. DuO has been installed in Australia and New Zealand for more than 15 years. Enduroflex offers the most comprehensive range of insulation and waterproofing systems in Australia, with a large emphasis on new, progressive technology and backed by independent testing. Our company aims to provide the longest-lasting, most durable waterproofing solution for each individual project. We ready to set our mark in the waterproofing industry using technologies, innovations and attitudes, that provide durable and sustainable insulation and waterproofing systems, for each individual project, that meet today’s toughest challenges.

Meet Our founders

over 60 years of combined experience in the construction industry

Founded by David Edgley and Wayne Lloyd and Scott Wilson, Enduroflex brings together over 60 years of combined experience in the construction industry. With remarkably innovative waterproofing solutions, the company’s goal is to set a new standard of performance, analysis, and overall user experience.

Wayne Lloyd

David Edgley

Scott Wilson


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