The De Boer DuO roof system is a two-layer torch applied membrane designed for use as an exposed architectural membrane on flat roofs, podium decks, balconies, and terraces. It offers a superior waterproofing system that is both UV resistant and flexible.

The system has been assessed within the Australian Building Code.

Why use DuO?
  • Superior quality with over 90 years proven performance worldwide

  • A high-tech, slate chip surface offering strong UV resistance and a tidy, aesthetic finish

  • Excellent durability and easy maintenance, with a life expectancy of at least 30 years in all Australian climates

  • Backed by a 20-year product warranty when installed in accordance with the product specification and by a certified applicator

– De Boer DuO HT 4 Slates/F C180 FC (Firecare)
TPO/SBS Fire Retardant Standard Capsheet

For waterproofing of different locations including plywood and concrete flat roofs, podium decks, balconies and terraces. The waterproofing membrane is designed to be left exposed. Protection of the membrane is optional. This product has been certified and tested on its fire retarding capacity.

Colours available in the DuO High Tech range: BO – Brown Oxide, GW – Grey/White, WGG – White/Green/Grey, AGR – Black

8m rolls 23 per pallet

– De Boer DuO HT 4 Slates/F C180 FC AERO


Especially designed for a vapour distribution layer, to allow vapour transmission under waterproofing. This prevents bubbles of trapped vapour under the waterproofing membrane.

8m rolls 23 per pallet

– De Boer DuO HT 4 C180 FC NO FLAME


Can be applied on plywood or concrete surfaces without the use of flame.

8m rolls 23 per pallet

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