Waterproofing Products

DuO High Tech

The DuO waterproofing system is a two-layer membrane designed for use as an exposed architectural waterproof materials on flat roofs, podium decks, balconies, and terraces. It offers a superior and durable commercial waterproofing Sydney system that is both UV resistant and flexible.


The system has been BRANZ appraised and meets the relevant provisions of the BCA (Download Branz certificate here).  








Why use DuO?


  • Superior quality with over 25 years of proven performance worldwide including Sydney, Australia.

  • Millions of m2 installed worldwide including in high UV-regions in Australia and New Zealand.

  • A high-tech membrane with slate chip surface offering strong UV resistance and a tidy, aesthetic finish.

  • Excellent durability and easy maintenance, with a life expectancy of 25 to 35 years when exposed to the Australian climate.

  • DuO can only be installed by Enduroflex and Certified Applicators.

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Types of DuO membranes:

DuO HT 4 /F C180 FC (Firecare)

TPO/SBS Fire Retardant Standard Capsheet

For waterproofing of different locations including plywood and concrete flat roofs, podium decks, balconies and terraces. The commercial waterproofing Sydney membrane is designed to be left exposed. Protection of the membrane is optional. This product has been certified and tested on its fire retarding capacity.

Colours available in the DuO High Tech range:

  • BO – Brown Oxide,

  • GW – Grey/White,

  • WGG – White/Green/Grey,

  • AGR – Black

8m rolls of 1m wide with 23 rolls per pallet

Technical Datasheet - Click here 

DuO HT 4 /F C180 FC AERO

TPO/SBS Fire Retardant single ply membrane with integrated VAPOUR TRANSMISSION

Especially designed as a combination of a vapour distribution layer and a commercial waterproofing Sydney membrane in order to allow vapour transmission under the waterproofing membrane once installed.  

This prevents bubbles of trapped vapour under the waterproofing membrane.

8m rolls of 1m wide with 23 rolls per pallet

Technical Datasheet - Click here 


TPO/SBS Fire Retardant membrane applied by COLD ADHESION

Can be applied on plywood or concrete surfaces without the use of flame and by means of a cold adhesive.

8m rolls of 1m wide with 23 rolls per pallet

Technical Datasheet - Click here 

DeboPlast 3 T/F C175

APP Flexible Waterproofing membrane used with VAPOUR CONTROL

The upper side is finished with a mixture of talcum and sand and the underside is covered with a sacrificial film. It is used as an underlay or a vapour control layer for torched or mechanically fixed application.

10m rolls of 1m wide with 25 rolls per pallet

Technical Datasheet - Click here