Property is an expensive investment. As such, it’s important to put measures in place to protect your investment in various ways. One way to physically protect your Sydney residence or commercial property is through installing the right waterproofing membrane. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all waterproofing solution as each building’s design, environmental conditions and owner preferences present their own unique set of challenges.

How do we manage this? We explore all possible options. In this blog, we chat about the most common waterproofing options that are available.

1- Liquid-Based Waterproofing – As Simple As A Fresh Coat

The first type of waterproofing membrane we’ll discuss is easily accessible and just as easy to apply. It’s a sticky, liquid solution that you can paint on to add a water-resistant quality to building materials. It’s ideal for indoor use because the smell isn’t too strong and can cover large areas.

2- Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Waterproofing Membrane – Protection Through All Seasons

PVC is one of the most common types of plastic polymers in the world. When used for waterproofing, it lasts for decades, is easy to maintain and can withstand extreme temperatures on both ends of the weather spectrum. It works particularly well for industrial buildings.

3- Self-Adhesive & Water-Resistant Sheet Membrane – Easy Installation

In a similar way to self-adhesive name tags, this type of waterproofing is great for the DIY-er. All you need to do is peel the protective layer from the adhesive and paste the membrane onto the relevant area. The main challenge is that inexperienced users might make costly mistakes with inaccurate applications and the like.

4- Polyurethane Waterproofing – Quick & Smooth Application

Polyurethane membrane is flexible, easy to apply and comes with an aesthetic value. You can mix it in with materials like concrete or use a high-pressure hose to spray it onto the building. The latter option only takes seconds to do, so it’s ideal if you’re working on a tight time frame.

5- Multi-Layer Waterproofing Membrane From DuO – Trusted Durability

If you’re looking for all the qualities mentioned above in one product, then the DuO range is what you’re looking for. This double-layer membrane offers waterproofing solutions for any part of a building, no matter if it’s a small home or a huge business.

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