While the words waterproofing membrane may sound rather self-explanatory, there are a lot of questions that come with hearing about this product. In this article, we will answer important questions and narrow down why adding a waterproofing membrane to your roofing may be the very thing to reduce your future maintenance costs on your residential or commercial buildings.

The What

Waterproofing membrane is not something you come across every day. A simple explanation would be layering a thin piece of material on top of your existing roofing. This layer is made from a waterproof material that, along with the installation process, prevents water from entering, damaging and derailing your roofing system and the structures below. While it plays a significant role in the maintenance of buildings, it may surprise you that it has been on the market and answering roofing prayers for almost 15 years already.

The Where

The best and most effective place to install the waterproofing membrane is on top of your roofing. While there may be other places that need such a desired and technologically advanced product, roofing is where our expertise flourishes.

The Why

Waterproofing membrane primarily ensures the longevity of your roofing and the structural integrity of the building itself in the long run. Cut down costs and ensure the protection of your building over the span of time. The membrane will only begin to deteriorate after 25 to 35 years. That means this is an investment that will pay off in functionality for years to come.

The How

The process of installing the waterproofing membrane is one that uses heat and welding to ensure that not a single drop of water will cause damage to your roofing. This also maximises waterproofing at the joints. As we have worked alongside research teams to create and polish off our waterproofing membrane product, you can guarantee a safe installation process with refined finishes.

The Who

Well, Enduroflex waterproofing membranes, of course. We provide excellent service from an experienced team, and our high-quality DuO waterproofing system offers a durable solution for your commercial waterproofing needs.

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