While the sun and the earth can do wonders in maintaining green roofing in Australia, it can only do so much. Relying simply on nature to provide water and sunlight will mean a flourishing green roof, but it may not be a pretty one. The sun or rain won’t remove the dead plants or weeds which naturally gather without proper maintenance. Plants and flowers will surely perish when the dry season hits if no watering is done by the human hand. So, you see, giving the sun and earth a helping hand and implementing the following maintenance strategies will ensure you get the best of your green roof while providing the earth and sun with a rest.

Start With The Soil

Any green roofing company worth their salt will tell the budding DIY green roofer to conduct soil tests before planting any species of greenery. Hiring professionals to take your roofing to the green side will mean you don’t have to conduct soil tests. However, for those doing it themselves, annual soil tests will ensure that the soil is PH balanced and boasts sufficient mineral deposits and moisture levels. Keeping soil tuned to the plants grown within it, or adjusting it if needs be, will ensure a healthy green roof.

If It Doesn’t Rain, Then Let It Pour

Proper irrigation through the setup of a hassle-free overhead irrigation system or installing a permanent dripline irrigation system will ensure your green roofing remains hydrated and growing when the skies dry up. It’s important to consider the climate and provide more regular watering in drier seasons.

It’s Time For Weeding And Replacements

Reducing or completely removing the weeds growing in your green roofing will avoid all the problems associated with weeds. Weeds with deep root systems will damage the underlying structure of your roof, so regular weeding through physical removal is vital. Along with weeding, it’s crucial to replace dead plants. Dead plants are sure to impact the surrounding soil and plants, so be sure to replace them with new, healthy plants.

Then Fertilize!

As a natural step in the process of maintenance, using fertilizer regularly will help the soil, bring in added nutrients and prevent weed growth. It is recommended to use slow-release fertilizer which does not contain animal waste.

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Green Roofing

We do hope these tips for proper green roofing maintenance helps you to keep your green roofing, Australia healthy and thriving. If time is not on your side or you don’t have a green finger, or bone, in your body, be sure to contact the experts at Enduroflux. Call or email us today! We not only install green roofs but we help maintain them too!

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