A flat roof can make a striking architectural statement. It comes with its own unique challenges, as each roof design does. Here is how tapered insulation can add value to your beautiful flat roof.


Pooling Of Water


You might have had a flat roof on your building for some time. As buildings age, so does their structure, and you might, unknowingly, have water pooling on your flat roof deck.

Pooling can cause the following damage to your property:

The fastest, most cost-effective solution is to install tapered insulation, which will direct water to the drainage points.


Improved Thermal Efficiency


The tapered insulation does not only protect your property; it immediately improves your quality of life by regulating your building’s internal temperature. You will be delighted by the drastic reduction in heating and cooling costs which will compound exponentially into huge savings.


Important Points To Note


If your flat roof is used for entertaining or as a break-away area for staff in an office building, then tapered insulation might not be the solution for you. It is not suitable for being walked on and will be damaged in a short period of time.


A solution to this would be to install a decking footpath and deck congregation area above the insulation. This combination actually gives your building world-class insulation, and your energy bill will drop even further. The deck will shade the insulation, and the air gap between the deck and the insulation is the most important insulation element. As long as your building is not floor-to-ceiling glass, you will have the coolest building in NSW with minimal or zero aircon use.


The gaps between the deck planks will allow rainwater to drain through onto the tapered insulation, which, in turn, will direct it to the drains, so no pooling on the deck.


In addition, the fire rating of the product can be increased if a fibreglass layer is installed below the insulation.

Any spare panels kept for future maintenance should be kept in the original packaging. This will protect the product, which is important for the extension of its lifespan.


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