Waterproofing is not taken as seriously as it should be and is often not installed or maintained correctly. If you want the job done right, you must commission a company that specialises in commercial waterproofing in Sydney to do the job for you. Here are the warning signs that your building could potentially have a waterproofing problem and how to avoid it with the help of a professional service provider.

Compromised Membranes

Compromised membranes can be poorly sealed or have tears through them, due to construction work taking place around waterproofed areas. The only way to correct this problem is during the building phase – by ensuring that workers take care not to puncture the membrane. Unfortunately, if you suspect that this has already occurred, you should contact a reputable waterproofing company such as Enduroflex to do a thorough check to ensure that you have no compromised membranes.

Assuming All Proofing Is The Same

As a commercial building owner or stakeholder, you may have been under the assumption that damp proofing and waterproofing are the same. It is a common misconception and often clients request one in the place of the other, with the perception that they’ll function similarly. Damp proofing is less expensive compared to waterproofing but has a different application process. Waterproofing is a more calculated application used to completely seal leaks off and prevent structural damage. Damp-proofing is done with less effort but is also not as durable. An efficient service provider can assess your building to determine what you have installed and if there are any changes you can make.

Inadequate Waterproofing

Have you noticed bubbling paint, rapidly growing mould and the unbearable odour of standing water in or around your building? These are all pointers that indicate that the waterproofing you have installed is inadequate. Unfortunately, there’s no counter to this other than ensuring that you choose the right service provider. Shoddy workmanship can be costly on your part, so it’s in your best interest to hire a company that can give you a guarantee of good workmanship with a promise of redoing the work if done poorly the first time.

If you’re unsure if you have a waterproofing problem or simply want an assessment on the previously installed work for peace-of-mind, contact Enduroflex. We provide commercial waterproofing in Sydney and have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry.

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