DuO High Tech

DuO High Tech is a flexible waterproofing membrane which consists of a double reinforcement and a double polymer bitumen coating. The top is made of a TPO-type (thermoplastic polyolefin, i.e. plastic) plastomer coating which offers full UV-resistance and excellent walkability. The (visible) top is finished with coloured slate or granules or with a talc/sand mixture. The bottom of the membrane consists of a SBS-type (Styrene Butadiene Styrene, i.e. rubber) elastomer coating with high adhesive power and excellent elasticity. The membrane’s double reinforcement is made of very strong, tear-resistant 180 grams polyester, combined with a glass fibre grid which ensures thermal stability. DuO High-Tech’s success is evidenced by the millions of square metres which keep commercial waterproofing of prestigious buildings in Sydney and across the world

DuoO Brands
DuO High Tech

The benefits of DuO High Tech

– fully UV-resistant

– excellent walkability

– non-shrink thermal stability

– high mechanical resistance

– exceptional adhesive power

– elastic flexibility

– life expectancy exceeding 35 years

– clean SBS-SBS joint

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