When cities and residential areas are looking more and more like the concrete jungle, we find ourselves asking the question: “Where did all the plants go”. With smaller gardens featured in homes and businesses only possessing one or two pot plants, there is a vast cry-out for living green walls. What are green walls you ask? Well, a green wall is a vertical garden, otherwise known as living green walls, living walls or moss walls. Basically, plants on walls.

The Need for Green Has Its Benefits

Need to enhance your building’s visuals and aesthetics? Well, create a green wall. First off, plants are pretty, and humans need natural scenery and something beautiful to look at. Transforming the dull interior of your commercial or residential property with stunning greenery is a perfect solution. Green walls are an ideal solution for any property that wants to improve on its outer and inner space with all the benefits that come with nature. Whether at home or in the office, green walls can enhance the quality of air, alertness and energy levels. Plants are purveyors of good health as they act as a natural air-filtration system.

Make Your Property Eco-Friendly And More Valuable

Did you know that creating a green wall can help increase the value of your property and improve its carbon footprint? Due to their contemporary look and feel, not forgetting how stylish they look, green walls can increase the selling price of your commercial and residential property. Furthermore, having them inside a property assists with cooling and heating interior spaces in respective seasons. Exterior green walls reduce the wall surface temperature, which means they are an energy-saving measure and can lower air conditioning costs.

Gain Green Walls To Help With The Loss Of Green Spaces

The loss of green spaces means a significant increase in air and noise pollution. With a simple green wall, residents and business owners can help fight the effects of air and noise pollution, and quite effectively at that. These beautiful green wall structures help reduce noise levels in buildings, and we all know the value of quietness at home or the office! Green walls naturally block high and low-frequency sounds. They act as insulation and reflect, refract and absorb acoustic energy. With green walls, you get something pretty to look at, with the added benefit of peace and quiet spaces.

Whether in a residential property or a business property, if you have a need for a green wall, contact Enduroflex now!

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