Delayed drain rainwater

Green roofs buffer a lot of water. A standard extensive green roof easily buffers 50% of all rainwater on an annual basis, which significantly reduces the risk of overloading the sewerage system.

Increased biodiversity

Each green roof is a natural biotope where fauna and flora get the chance to develop.

urban environments

Reduced Urban Heat Island effect

In urban environments the air dryer and the temperature are higher. In summer, the temperature in cities can be up to 7 ° C higher than in the countryside. This phenomenon is the result of the “Urban Heat Island” effect. Green roofs counteract this phenomenon.

Increased lifespan

Air purifying

The vegetation on green roofs filters dust particles and absorbs gases, including CO2. During the biochemical process in which plants convert light into energy, they return the CO2 to the atmosphere in the form of oxygen.


Increased lifespan

The green roof not only acts as an extra protective layer for your roof against UV radiation, wind and weather, but also protects against mechanical damage. This considerably extends the life of your roofing material.


Because a green roof significantly increases the total roof package, sounds are dampened extra


Reduced stress feeling

Studies show that green environments have a favourable influence on the state of mind and physical health of the people.


Increase efficiency of solar panels

According to research, the efficiency of solar panels on a green roof is 9 to 16% higher than the efficiency of solar panels on an ordinary roof.

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