There is no doubt that, as a society, we are overbooked and overworked. Healthy, small and repetitive habits have been known to help people manage stress over time. Imagine a garden of Zen on your very rooftop. Not only will the shrubbery and native grasses help you find some peace during the day, but they also help the environment, maintaining healthier and happier cities. Below are reasons why you should install a green roof on your property in Australia.

Green Safe Haven At Home

Green roofs can provide a place where stress evaporates, plant life thrives and people come together. As humans, we are naturally drawn to nature and greenery. In an ever-changing society where technology devours our daily lives, a green rooftop break may be the very thing to balance out our overbooked schedules.

Green roof initiatives, on top of apartment buildings, provide a sanctuary to unwind and detox from our busy lives. As everyone needs a safe haven, these spaces inevitably become a place to engage with others. This forms a sense of community, which is vital for mental health and building a balanced, meaningful life.

Going Green At Work

Taking a breather at work is proven to be beneficial to the productivity of worker bees. Giving employees a natural space to roam and pollinate their minds can yield positive results in the long run for companies. Consider arranging meetings with clients and workers in a more positive, life-giving environment. There are many benefits of surrounding oneself with greenery and plants, but alleviating stress and providing a retreat for places of work is an obvious one.

Homegrown Veggies On Your Doorstep

Personalising your space is a great direction to head in when choosing plant life. You could shake things up by replacing shrubbery with fresh vegetables. This can make a huge difference to your budget. Not only will your homegrown produce be cheaper and more accessible, but it will always be fresh and ready when you are! Tending to plant life can help you spend more time outside and give you something to care for. This is good for mental health and physical health, as more healthy foods will be a part of your daily diet.

Did We Mention The Environment?

With an ever-growing population, it is conducive to use urban space as environmentally friendly as possible. Green roofs help by:

Become a part of something bigger. Help maintain the Australian environment while simultaneously allowing residents of these buildings to experience increased wellness amidst their stressful lives.

There are plenty of green roof options in Australia to choose from on the Enduroflex. Contact our professional team for more information.

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