A green roof is a layer of living plants, varying in species, covering the top of your roof. This is not necessarily green, as it would change per season and per type of plants used. While green roofing is highly beneficial, there are still some misconceptions about the system that may be preventing you from taking part in the green roof revolution in Australia.

Contesting 3 Common Misconceptions

  1. Green roofs are for the future – Even if we exclude the ancient history, there is evidence of Germany and America using green roof technology in the early 1900s. ‘The future’ is right now!

  2. Green roofs cause leaks and structural damage – Actually you can’t blame the green ‒ all roofs need to have a waterproof membrane.

  3. Green roofs are only for environmental activists – Our hope is that once you read this blog, you will see that green roofs are beneficial to everyone, from ordinary citizens to property developers.

Why Green Roofing Systems Should Be The Standard


1) Increase Lifespan


The living layer of greenery acts as a natural protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, the possible impact from rains and winds, and constant changes in temperature. The ‘green’ living layer helps to protect the building structure and the waterproof membrane underneath, increasing the lifespan of your roof in the process.


2) Noise & Air Purification


As you can imagine, having that extra layer on top of your roof can act as a noise cancellation barrier. More impressively though, the green roof acts as an air purification system, filtering out the dust and absorbing CO2 gases. The CO2 gases are then used in the biochemical process of the plants, rereleasing the CO2 into oxygen.


3 Aesthetically-pleasing


Green roofs are simply breathtaking to look at. You can’t help but stop and stare when you come across one. Help transform your building to incorporate stunning colours and shifting movements on its roof, which is generally the most neglected part of the building.


At Enduroflex, we have combined the knowledge of green living with experiences in the construction industry. Therefore, we are confident that we are the green roof industry leaders in Australia. If you are looking to get these benefits out of your roof, then contact us to start your journey to contributing to a better, more sustainable Australia.

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