Why opt for a green roof?

What should motivate you to go for a green roof?

  • economic benefits

  • environmental benefits

  • aesthetic benefits

Economic benefits

Green roofs…

  • improve water management (retention capacity, less risk of flooding,…);

  • cool (especially during Summer, your building will remain cooler; you will, therefore, save on air-conditioning costs);

  • are sound insulating;

  • extend the lifespan of the waterproofing membrane (thanks to the vegetation, the membrane is less exposed to UV rays, to the weather, etc.);

  • save space and use otherwise unused space;

  • promote recycling (good to know: most components of our green roof systems result from recycling).

Environmental benefits

Green roofs…

  • improve the air quality;

  • the air is much purer on a green roof. That’s normal, considering that the vegetation produces extra oxygen and filters the fine dust particles;

  • reduce the warming in built-up areas;

  • have you ever heard of the “urban heat island effect”? Even if you haven’t, you will certainly have felt it: in cities, temperatures are higher and the air is dryer. That’s where the vegetation on green roofs comes in: it lowers the temperature and the evapotranspiration makes the air less dry. Indirectly, lower temperatures reduce the consumption of energy, the use of fossil fuels and the emission of CO2. In short: a better air-quality;

  • increase biodiversity in cities;

  • the more green roofs there are, the more vegetation there is and the more animal diversity there is. Green roofs bring nature back into the cities.

Aesthetic benefits

Green roofs…

  • make for a pretty investment;

  • add an extra floor to your building;

  • are eye-catchers which is also commercially appealing;

  • it’s clear that plants appeal more to people’s imagination than a plain grey or black roof would ever do.

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