What Is A Warm Roof?


A warm roof is a type of roof construction that has a thermal insulation layer above the roof deck. The insulation is covered by the waterproofing membrane system. It incorporates a vapour barrier in between the thermal insulation and the roof substrate. It preserves warmth through insulation and protects the building from the elements through a waterproofing membrane. Constructing your roof this way makes your structure more energy efficient throughout the year, which means you’ll spend less on heating and cooling in different seasons.

The difference between a warm roof and a traditional “cold roof” design is that the entire roof is insulated in the former, while the latter only has insulation between rafters. Cold roof construction is far less effective in the colder months. Warm roofing, on the other hand, makes the most of the weather for a consistent temperature indoors through all seasons.

 The warm roof products that have on offer at Enduroflex include:


Enjoy The Benefits Of Having A Warm Roof Over Your Home Or Business


As you can imagine, an energy efficient roof comes with many perks, including the following:

  • The exposed waterproofing has proven resistance to the local climate

  • It provides the minimum required thermal resistance for your roof structure

  • It Includes a fire-retardant waterproofing membrane

  • The light-weight roof system is guaranteed wind-uplift resistant following AS1170

  • The exposed waterproofing membrane allows for easy maintenance and inspection.