GREEN - Roofing System


Vegetation Layer


Extensive green roofs :
The choice of plants is mainly limited to sedum, mosses and in some cases herbs.

Intensive green roofs :
A free choice of plants allows all options: from flowerbeds to lawns, shrubs and trees.


Please note: plant species with an aggressive root system or taproot are not suitable for green roofs.


Growth Medium


The plants use this layer to root. This is therefore the most important part of the green roof system and can consist of a mineral substrate or a rock wool layer.

As substrate for the plants, the substrate must not only have the correct physical, chemical and biological composition. Ventilation and water management are also of great importance. We adjust the layer thickness to the desired vegetation. Larger plants naturally require a thicker substrate layer.


Water-Based Layer


This optional layer acts as an additional water buffer. A water-containing geotextile or mineral wool is provided underneath the growth medium to obtain sufficient water retention.

The choice to provide this extra layer depends on the vegetation chosen, the maximum building height and the load on the roof.




This layer consists of two filter webs with a central curling mat in between.

Due to this specific structure, this layer fulfills three functions:

  • drain the excess water;

  • protect the underlying waterproofing layer against mechanical damage;

  • filter the fine substrate particles so that clogging of the water drains is avoided.

Root Resistant Layer

A green roof cannot simply be laid on any type of roofing material, since the roots of plants will always look for water. It is therefore important to choose a type of roof covering that is resistant to root growth. DuO HT Landscape is the ideal roof covering for this.