Enduroflex offers the most comprehensive range of waterproofing product systems in Australia. Using Belgium's leading durable waterproofing solution, DuO, Enduroflex offers highest quality standards in waterproofing systems backed by independent test certificates. The company aims to provide the longest-lasting, most durable waterproofing solution to building consultants, architects and designers in Australia.


Founded by David Edgley and Wayne Lloyd and Scott Wilson, Enduroflex brings together over 60 years of combined experience in the construction industry. With remarkably innovative waterproofing solutions, the company’s goal is to set a new standard of performance, analysis, and overall user experience. 


Enduroflex is ready to set its mark in the waterproofing industry using progressive technologies, innovations and attitudes, by introducing innovative systems that provide durable and sustainable waterproofing systems to meet today’s toughest challenges.


The Enduroflex Advantage


The Enduroflex team has a fundamental understanding of waterproofing system and comprises of professional builders, engineers and waterproofing specialists. They have a 25+ years in construction business and have a proven track record in providing architectural and building solutions.


With its technically superior knowledge in waterproofing systems and backed by international manufacturer, Enduroflex delivers tailored constructive solutions for all types of construction projects, combining high quality products, expert technical knowledge and support, customer service and innovation. Waterproofing systems from Enduroflex are unmatched in quality and their main objective is to offer the long-lasting, most durable waterproofing solution possible.

Enduroflex Directors
Wayne Lloyd
David Edgley
Scott Wilson