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Bituminous roofing material


Roofing rolls form the basis of our wide range. Thickness, type of reinforcement, top coating, bottom coating, top and bottom finish, ... we adjust all these parameters. We compile the most suitable role for each application.


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Bituminous Roofing Material


At first glance, DuO looks like a normal roof role. But DuO is more. DuO is a concept: the most efficient roof membrane that modern technology can make. Based on - how about - bitumen. DuO immediately became one of the most daring concepts ever. Because never had anyone succeeded in combining hard APP (now evolved to TPO) and soft SBS. Today's success translates into millions of m² that waterproof the most prestigious projects worldwide.

DuO Plus


In addition to our roofing rolls, we also offer a range of accessories with our DuO Plus range such as; 

  • Primers & adhesives

  • Confirmation material

  • Ventilations & expiration

  • Eaves

  • Tools


In short, everything needed to realize the perfect roof.

Waterproofing Membranes

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Waterproofing Membranes
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Waterproofing Accessories
About bitumen
Bitumen, a Fixed Value


In 1922 when working with bitumen, it was a petroleum derivative that forms the basis for 75 percent of roofing for flat roofs. Over the years, the product has become increasingly better, lighter and more environmentally friendly. New developments, including in polymers, have led to a proven service life of at least 35 years.  

Mastering all stages of the production process, from the choice of raw materials to the unique composition for the mixing process, to quality control in their lab and the punctual final delivery on site. The strict control of each link leads to a high constant quality.

Resistant to Extreme Conditions


Bitumen offers great strengths including its high adhesive strength and elasticity, its chemical resistance to external influences and its thermal stability in extreme weather conditions, ranging from temperatures of - 40 ° C to + 150 ° C. The roofs are also resistant to hail and storm and can be walked on in rain or frost, which is a major advantage over certain plastic roofs.  


Environmentally Friendly


Bitumen is also an ecological product in many areas. It is achieved through environmentally-friendly production, the bituminous roofs are ideal for water recovery and, provided they have a white reflective top layer, they prevent global warming. Moreover, the material is also easily recyclable.


Cradle to Cradle


The manufacturing of DuO also aims on recycling. The production waste is collected and ground in the shredder, after which all impurities are filtered out. The purified mass is heated and supplemented with additives until the desired composition is achieved. This then forms the basis of certain new bituminous substrates. This completes the circle.

Endless Possibilities


Architecturally, the sky is the limit for bituminous roofs. All creative shapes, colors and applications are possible, from parabolic roofs to green roofs and parking roofs to tunnels, terraces and balconies.