The Bitumen Waterproofing Systems:

October 28, 2019

Bituminous waterproofing is always carried out by a combination of relevant products at the construction site.


These products can include: bituminous primer, bitumen membranes, mechanical fastenings, flashings, protection (gravel, small stones, etc.) and one or two waterproofing sheets that consist of reinforced bitumen and mineral finishing.


System 1: Single layer fully torched system with a 4mm polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet, and a self-protecting mineral finish.


System 2: Single layer mechanically fastened system with a 4mm polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet, a self-protecting mineral finish and five mechanical fastenings per m2.


System 3: Single layer loose-laid system with a 4mm polyester modified bitumen sheet and 65kg/m2dry gravel ballast.


System 4: Multi layer fully torched system, consisting of:• A fully torched 4mm polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet top layer.

•A fully torched 3mm glass fleece reinforced bitumen sheet base layer.


System 5: Multilayer mechanical fastened system consisting of:

• A fully torched 4mm polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet with self-protecting mineral finish as a top layer.

• A mechanically fastened 3mm polyester reinforced bitumen sheet mechanically fastened with five mechanical fasteners per m2.


System 6: Multilayer loose laid system consisting of:

• A fully torched 4mm polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet as a top layer.

•A loose laid 3mm glass fleece reinforced bitumen sheet base layer and• 65 kg/m2dry gravel ballast



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