Bituminous Waterproofing | Part One

Sustainable and environmental issues are, quite rightly matters of great importance to us all in construction.

A full understanding of ideas once rarely mentioned - like global warming', a' waste recycling' and 'life-cycle analysis' - is now core to maintaining our reputation as a responsible industry.

We are committed to ensure our industry is sustainable and environmentally and socially responsible.

Effective Protection: The principal task of Bituminous waterproofing is to protect buildings against water in it's various forms eg. Rain, humidity, snow and hail. Beyond this, it's waterproofing qualities preserve and sustain a buildings capital value. I

t's ability to protect thermal insulation from rainwater penetration ensures those thermal properties - the measure of sustainable economy - will remain effective.

Bituminous waterproofing can also make the roof accessible to pedestrians, even vehicles, and is the optimal, durable, solution to creating vegetation systems on the roof that can help keep a building healthy and support biodiversity.

Bitumen: a material with ideal qualities: Water-repellent and flexible, bitumen's mechanical properties make it ideal for waterproofing. Besides having excellent natural adhesion bitumen will not absorb water and will withstand structural movements.

Bitumen retains these properties over a long period and so significantly contributes to a structure's durability and longevity.

Exceptionally long service life: Bitumen in the form of natural asphalt has been used in construction since ancient times.

Modern polymeric and elastomeric bitumen waterproofing however has been used for more than 30 years and in that time has been proven to be an excellent performer in many applications and under many conditions.

'The safe assumption for a general 'service life declaration' for (modified) bitumen roofing membranes can be taken as 25-30years.'

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