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De Boer was first introduced into Australia in 2006, and since then De Boer Membranes have been used in some landmark buildings throughout Australia like the MCA here in Sydney, Anzac Square in Brisbane and one of our Green roof projects at Burnley Campus in Melbourne.

Enduroflex in conjunction with De Boer offer project specific end to end solutions, with an insurance backed 20 year warranty.

We offer genuine value for your business, in both resources, time and money as De Boer engineers provide Wind load Reports, condensation risk Analysis, detailed job specific drawings taking into account penetrations, falls and any additional specific factors that may impact the project.

We believe the best way to truly understand the benefits of working with Enduroflex is for us to provide you with a specification for a project you are working on, without obligation to you, we will be able to demonstrate, not only the superior quality of the membrane, but also provide you with reports specific to the project, to base your design and specification around.

Simply get in contact us at sales@enduroflex.com.au or give us a call on 02 9979 5670

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