GREEN - Roofing System

The green revolution is on the rise!


The rapidly increasing population is driving urbanization. Space is becoming scarce and nature in particular seems to have lost its place. At Enduroflex we want to go against this and we have a clear goal: to bring nature back to places where people are! We do this by transforming places into a green oasis. Not only do we give lost space on roofs and walls a new purpose, but we also like to work out complete green projects from A to Z. From a herb wall in a restaurant to the planting of monumental ruin walls. Every square meter of green space is a step towards a pleasant and sustainable future for us!

De Boer Green Roof Solutions

The purpose of a roof is that it protects us from wind and weather. A conventional roof perfectly meets those requirements, but it can also be much more than just protection. As a green roof for example!

With a green roof, the covering consists mainly of living plants. The name 'green roof' is actually a bit misleading. After all, such a roof does not have to be really green. The color depends on the choice of plants, the seasons and the weather conditions.

Only plants such as roof coverings are of course not sufficient. A correct basis with a suitable structure structure, a suitable growth medium and the right facilities for drainage are essential. It therefore requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise to create a beautiful and healthy green roof, and that is precisely where Enduroflex's expertise lies .

Enduroflex and DuO Green has for years been THE reference in extensive green roofs with more than 350,000 m² of installed green roofs. Our achievements range from intimate projects of less than 20 m² to large prestigious projects of more than 20,000 m². With our different systems we can serve everyone as desired. We even have some unique lightweight solutions, so that no square meter of roof has to remain unused.

Do you trust the installation of your green roof to a specialist in green or a specialist in roofs? A compromise that you don't have to make with Enduroflex because our experience is unparalleled!

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