The Bitumen Waterproofing Systems:

Bituminous waterproofing is always carried out by a combination of relevant products at the construction site. These products can include: bituminous primer, bitumen membranes, mechanical fastenings, flashings, protection (gravel, small stones, etc.) and one or two waterproofing sheets that consist of reinforced bitumen and mineral finishing. System 1: Single layer fully torched system with a 4mm polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet, and a self-protecting mineral finish. System 2: Single layer mechanically fastened system with a 4mm polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet, a self-protecting mineral finish and five mechanical fastenings per m2. System 3: Single layer loose-laid sys

Low impact on water resources | Water management

The water used in the production of the components of bituminous waterproofing systems is essentially for cooling purposes. Once used, this water is returned to the environment with little notable impact, other than a slight increase in temperature. Flat roofs (slope < 5%) generally have a significant water retention capacity compared with sloped roofs – making urban drainage systems simpler. Added vegetation cover(roof garden or an extensive green roof) over the waterproofing gives greater water-retention capacity. Waterproofing systems with gravel protection also retain rainwater, reducing the risk of overloading urban drainage systems in the event of violent storms. No pollution of surfac

Bituminous Waterproofing | Part Two

Carrying on from our post last week (Part One) we wanted to share a few more important information on the benefits on using Bituminous Waterproofing on your next build! A natural by-product of oil: Although bitumen does occur naturally at old oil fields, the current form used for manufacturing waterproofing membranes is produced by industrially refining crude oil, separating out the heavier constituents when that oil is distilled to produce fuel. The industrial production of bitumen simply reproduces this natural process, by separating this natural process, by separating the various constituents of the oil. Bitumen does not result from chemical transformation, but by the use of by-products t

Bituminous Waterproofing | Part One

Sustainable and environmental issues are, quite rightly matters of great importance to us all in construction. A full understanding of ideas once rarely mentioned - like global warming', a' waste recycling' and 'life-cycle analysis' - is now core to maintaining our reputation as a responsible industry. We are committed to ensure our industry is sustainable and environmentally and socially responsible. Effective Protection: The principal task of Bituminous waterproofing is to protect buildings against water in it's various forms eg. Rain, humidity, snow and hail. Beyond this, it's waterproofing qualities preserve and sustain a buildings capital value. I t's ability to protect thermal insulati

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