Insurance Backed Product Guarantee

Proven Durability Real-life membrane samples are consecutively tested by the external laboratory Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) and supervised by independent quality-control organisation SGS International in different continents and climate zones. The life expectancy of our waterproofing membranes is currently 25 to 35 years based on the actual condition of exposed De Boer membranes worldwide. Complete Assurance The De Boer Guarantee is fully insured and the insurance premium is fully paid upon delivery of the warranty certificate for the total warranty period. The insurance-backed warranty remains in place regardless of a change in the status of the roofing applicator, manu

Why use DuO?

The De Boer DuO roof system is a two-layer torch applied membrane designed for use as an exposed architectural membrane on flat roofs, podium decks, balconies, and terraces. It offers a superior waterproofing system that is both UV resistant and flexible. The system has been assessed within the Australian Building Code. Why use DuO? Superior quality with over 90 years proven performance worldwide A high-tech, slate chip surface offering strong UV resistance and a tidy, aesthetic finish Excellent durability and easy maintenance, with a life expectancy of at least 30 years in all Australian climates Backed by a 20-year product warranty when installed in accordance with the product specificatio

DuO Landscape especially designed to provide waterproofing protection

DuO FC Landscape has the same unique design as the Duo Firecare. On top of that it also resists root penetration. This protects the membrane against roots from sedums, grasses, mosses and other vegetation suitable for green roofs. Duo FC Landscape is especially designed to provide waterproof protection under green roofs and roof gardens as the roots cannot damage this waterproofing membrane. It is used in extensive and intensive green roofs, planter boxes, suspended courtyards and other areas where vegetation will be installed. De Boer Waterproofing Solutions offers a project specific solution. Please contact us for possibilities and cost estimation. Email: ​ Tel: +61

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