Bitubel awards - A roof made of bitumen

The prestigious Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Waterloo was the backdrop of the first Bitubel "A roof made of bitumen” award ceremony. More than 60 architects and students had sent in a project. The professional jury selected 21 projects for the shortlists in the four categories (residential, non-residential, renovation and students). This architecture contest is an initiative of Bitubel, the body which groups Belgium’s four manufacturers of bituminous coverings for flat roofs, including De Boer. Curious about who won the awards in the four categories and who got an honourable mention? Bitubel’s website will tell you all:

Advantages of Green Roofs

Why opt for a green roof? What should motivate you to go for a green roof? economic benefits environmental benefits aesthetic benefits Economic benefits Green roofs... improve water management (retention capacity, less risk of flooding,...); cool (especially during Summer, your building will remain cooler; you will, therefore, save on air-conditioning costs); are sound insulating; extend the lifespan of the waterproofing membrane (thanks to the vegetation, the membrane is less exposed to UV rays, to the weather, etc.); save space and use otherwise unused space; promote recycling (good to know: most components of our green roof systems result from recycling). Environmental benefits Green roof

20 Year Warranty

Material warranty is an important part of the decision making process. To make it easier, we provide the best to give you complete peace of mind. With De Boer you invest in your commercial waterproofing system once for a period of 20 year where the materials have a life-time expectancy of 25 years to 35 years (See DuO Durability report) Duo waterproofing membranes come with an international, insurance backed warranty. This warranty is pre-paid for 20 years and issued per project, large and small. ​ Our warranty adds value to your building as it covers all costs required to reinstate the waterproofing as per the original contract. This includes materials, labour, safety precautions, scaffoldi

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