Nature on your roof De Boer Green Roof Solutions offers state of the art solutions and systems for green roofs. Whether you are a roofer, an architect, a property owner or a building contractor, we will support you throughout the design phase, the actual building as well as the maintenance after completion. You can always count on our expertise in water retention, CO2-reduction and design. And we deliver the solutions which extend the life expectancy of your green roof. In short : you will get a top quality green roof, wherever you are located. De Boer Green Roof Solutions, a business unit of De Boer, brings nature to your rooftop.

Green Roof Maintenance

Several factors influence the quality and the lifespan of a green roof. For instance, if certain components are wrongly selected, dominating plants may start overgrowing the green roof. Climate conditions can be important, too. Sedum requires at least three hours of sunlight during the Summer. When periods of drought last for more than 5-6 weeks, irrigation is needed. Other species thrive better in shadowy areas or can withstand longer periods of drought. Design and maintenance require attention, as well. Do bear in mind the following: choose the right substrate. A wrong choice of substrate, or the wrong composition, increases the likelihood of undesired vegetation developing. The share of

De Boer guarantee - Australia

De Boer guarantee - Australia FULLY INSURED GUARANTEE With almost one century on the clock, De Boer takes pride in being the specialist in bituminous roofing membranes. All our waterproofing systems are of the highest quality standard on the worldwide market and covered by a strong and fully insured DeBoer Guarantee. All approved applicators, architects or building owners, that have chosen for a De Boer waterproofing system, can rest assured about their decision as the system is fully covered for decennia long! Proven Durability Real-life membrane samples are consecutively tested by the external laboratory Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) and supervised by independent quality-con

DuO Firecare Landscape

DuO FC Landscape has the same unique design as the Duo Firecare. On top of that it also resists root penetration. This protects the membrane against roots from sedums, grasses, mosses and other vegetation suitable for green roofs. Duo FC Landscape is especially designed to provide waterproof protection under green roofs and roof gardens as the roots cannot damage this waterproofing membrane. It is used in extensive and intensive green roofs, planter boxes, suspended courtyards and other areas where vegetation will be installed. If you have a project that you would like chat to our team about please contact on 02 9979 5670 or email us on sales@enduroflex.com.au

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