A flexible, economic and durable solution

Bitumen waterproofing –the flexible, economic and durable solution The cost of maintaining and renewing bituminous waterproofing systems is low due to their typically long service life (estimated at 25-30 years). When implemented as two layers, bituminous waterproofing makes on-site working more efficient with the first layer providing temporary protection whilst other trades carry out their tasks. The final layer need only be applied in the final stages when there is minimal danger of accidental damage. In many cases, renovating bituminous waterproofing can be achieved by adding a new bituminous membrane to the existing surface – easily prolonging the system’s life and the effectiveness of

Your Solution for Green Roofing...

Bituminous waterproofing the solution for green roofing Fully bonded waterproofing systems have proven to be the most durable solution for green, parking and terrace roofs. Bitumen membranes, with their high puncture resistance and root resistant qualities are ideal materials for this application. BWA supports all initiatives to stimulate green roofing as a protective plant cover over fully bonded bitumen waterproofing systems. This has a number of tangible benefits: •Any green space destroyed in erecting the building is reinstated on the roof. •Green roofing contributes to biodiversity by attracting insects, which in turn attract birds. •A wide variety of colours and shapes can be achieved

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