DuO C- Profile

The DuO C-profile is a termination profile on concrete walls for DuO waterproofing membranes. It is used to create a watertight, mechanical seal there where the membrane is terminated.

Roof Edge Profile Classic Plus 80/60 and 110/60

The Classic Plus roof edge profile is a pre-manufactured profile that terminates the waterproofing membrane at the highest edge of the roof in a professional, watertight and wind-uplift resistant manner. The profile is used on top of roof edge curbs of wooden and concrete flat roofs.

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Easy Foam

De Boer 'EASY FOAM' is a rapid curing, gun grade polyurethane adhesive, specially developed to bond various types of insulation materials on flat roofs.

With ‘EASY FOAM’ it is convenient to bond different types of insulation (PUR, PIR, Rockwool, XPS and EPS) to various types of surfaces:

  • bitumen vapour barrier

  • existing bituminous waterproofing membranes

  • concrete

* Do not apply on steel deck !

De Boer 'EASY FOAM' is also applicable to bond insulation boards vertically. EASY FOAM has a leveling effect and a limited post expansion.

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De Boer Liquid

De Boer Liquid is a black, semi-liquid, rubberised bituminous coating reinforced with integrated synthetic fibres for additional strength. The system is cold-applied and ready to use for quick waterproofing of roofs and gutters, even on damp, moist surfaces.


Basic uses

  • De Boer liquid forms a seamless rubberised bituminous layer on top of old bituminous materials on roofs and in gutters.

  • It is compatible to concrete, metal, old asphalt & bitumen. Not compatible to asbestos materials.


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De Boer Mastic is a flexible, fast-bonding, black plasto-reparation paste based on rubberised bitumen reinforced with integrated synthetic fibers for additional strength. The system is cold-applied by trowel. De Boer Mastic is a stable paste and does not flow.

Basic uses

  • To repair voids, cracks, blisters of bituminous materials on roofs and in gutters.

  • Finishing paste for waterproofing at connections between bituminous membranes and chimneys, drain outlets, skylights, ventilation pipes or other roof penetrations.

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De Boer Shrink Sleeve

The De Boer shrink sleeve is a professional and innovative accessory to make flat roof penetrations watertight.

The De Boer shrink sleeve combines a sleeve, a flange and a base. The base is made of high-quality, weather-resistant PVC. The shrink sleeve is made of UV resistant Polyolefin. It shrinks when heated by hot air or flame and forms a closed, watertight sleeve around the round object that penetrates your flat roof. It has a special flange of elastomer SBS-modified bitumen for an optimal connection to all De Boer membrane systems. The flange diameter is 480mm

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De Boer Spray & Go Primer

Spray & Go is a solvent-based, fast-drying bituminous primer.

Basic uses

  • To prepare surfaces before application of bituminous waterproofing membranes.

  • To improve the adhesion of the waterproofing membranes.

  • Ideal for small and emergency repairs.

  • To prepare accessories such as roof drains, angle fillets, roof edge profiles in a very user friendly manner.

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DuO Kit Sealant

DuO KIT is a black bituminous paste that is cold applied. It has good elastic properties and is multi-functional as a sealant. DuO KIT consists of a mixture of selected bitumen with special polymers that make the material UV-resistant, fire-resistant and very flexible.

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DuO Primer

DUO PRIMER is a thin liquid bitumen primer, with good penetration characteristics for different types of deck types. It is produced from using a blend of bitumen, adhesives and solvents, and improves the bond strength between the deck substrate and the bituminous membrane.

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Grass Tiles

Grass Tiles are rubber tiles to which a top layer of artificial grass has been applied. The artificial grass is pressed onto the rubber in such a way that the tile remains porous. The advantage of artificial grass tiles is that compared to standard rubber tiles, they have a softer and more luxurious top layer.

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Guardian ASTL Concrete Fasteners

High performance telescopic tube & screw combination for tapered insulation on concrete roofs with height differences between the concrete slabs.

• For use in Concrete
• Coated nail
• Pre-drill: Ø 5.0 mm
• Length: from 70 to 600 mm
• Required length: Build up + 30 mm
• For use with Ergo-drill / Quatro-drill
• Sintef technical approval 2516
• ETA approval 08/0285

Guardian ASTL Concrete Fastener Datasheet